Student Agency


To empower students to own their learning so they believe they are successful by being active and contributing citizens.

MKA Student Agency Rubric

In Term 4 of last year, we visited all nine schools within our Community of Learning. The aim of these visits was to collect student voice around seven aspects of Student Agency, more specifically what students would do, see, hear and feel if they were highly agentic learners. We have collated this student voice and have also developed, alongside this, a Student Agency Rubric, in collaboration with teachers from across the MKA.

We are currently working with the Year 5-6 teachers at Mangere Central School, who are using this information to both inform teacher planning and provide students with a visual reflective tool so that students are able to monitor their own levels of Student Agency in different curriculum areas. This work shows real promise and we would welcome the opportunity to meet with other MKA schools and discuss how this information and CoL resource could be useful to increase/support Student Agency in your kura.

Why would it be useful?

  • It is targeted at our students in particular (Mangere Kahui Ako)

  • It is a measure to see if staff are planning opportunities to increase student agency

  • It is a good platform for sharing understanding/effective practise

  • It provides a common understanding of student agency across the schools so students hear common language used in their educational journey.

FINAL MKA Student Agency Rubric 2020

PLC Session 5

21st July 2020

These sessions were designed to share the purpose of our MKA Student Agency Rubric and to include the ideas, opinions and thoughts of as many people as possible.

Ben & April (ASL's), with the help of Alana from Vision Education, came up with the developing statements for each aspect of Student Agency based on the final boxes we established in the last Student Agency PLC.

Staff at each school were asked to add their spin to these statements to better suit our kaiako and tamariki.

Session 5 - Tuesday 21st July

PLC Session 4

25th June 2020

Session 5 was focused around the elements of Choice and Voice.

We have been exploring the work of John Spencer around Student Agency. He talks at length about making the shift from Student Engagement to Student Empowerment. Wanting students to be creative, critical thinkers. For them to rewrite the rules as life-long learners and critical thinking citizens. Having a mindset of self-direction and student ownership and that it begins by empowering students with voice and choice.

Using the vast and varied knowledge of our PLC Participants we continued to share ideas towards the development of our MKA Rubric

Session 4 - Thursday 25th June

PLC Session 3

14th May 2020

In any single classroom students will sit at different levels on the Student Agency Spectrum and they will move up and down this spectrum as they discover and develop agentic strategies in their learning.

Our first activity of this 3rd PLC session was based around our understandings of what Highly Agentic Learners look like in our schools. For this activity we asked participants to think about a student that they teach who displays qualities that they would associate with a highly agentic learner. These qualities were recorded and discussed amongst the group.

Session 3 - Thursday 14th May via Googlemeet

PLC Session 2

23rd April 2020

Session 2 - Thursday 23rd April via Zoom

Our second Student Agency PLC for the year was held online.

It is great that we can all continue to connect and share our ideas and knowledge from the comfort of our homes.

PLC Session 1

12th March 2020

Thank you to those who attended our first Student Agency PLC.

It was wonderful to meet a diverse yet connected group of professionals who have student achievement and wellbeing at heart,

Today we shared our understanding of Student Agency and provided examples of what each aspect looks like in practice.

Session 1 - 12th March 2020