Across School Leaders (ASLs)

What we do:

  • Cluster Meetings - Professional learning conversations, facilitated by ASLs, where teachers from across our Mangere Kāhui Ako will have the opportunity to share their own practices, resources, expertise and areas of need.

  • Workshops - Our interactive workshops support and guide teachers to improve their practical knowledge and expertise in order to promote enhanced learner outcomes for our students in relation to our Mangere Kāhui Ako goals.

  • Guidance and support - Individual or small group in school support sessions focusing on identified needs related to our Mangere Kāhui Ako goals.

Areas of Strength:

Karina Weeks

Digital technology

Teacher registration

Project based learning

Rebecca Anderson

Digital Technology

Student Agency

Problem Based Learning / Play Based Learning

Ben Euden

Student Agency

Lesson Obs/Feedback

Behaviour Management Coaching

April Luxmoore

Student Agency

Innovative Learning Environments

Student Led Inquiry

Kriya Patel

Student Agency

Beginning teacher support

Assessment/ data in years 1-8

Mike Darragh

Leading and growing an effective team

Curriculum development

Student Leadership programmes & EOTC support