Self Efficacy

Meeting Five - 31. 10. 2019

It was great to see everyone again at our last self-efficacy PLC session for 2019. We reflected on our learning journey and celebrated our successes (personal which linked to the targeted students' success). We look forward to sharing our learning journey hear the ideas from other PLC groups, in week 5.

Self-Efficacy, PLG Session 5

Meeting Four - 12. 09. 2019

We had another helpful sharing session with a lot of thought provoking questions to guide discussions. We linked influences and strategies around self-efficacy to DATs (deliberate acts of teaching). We are making a conscious effort and becoming more aware of how to support target students in experiencing success through a focus on developing self-efficacy.

Self-Efficacy, PLG Session 4

Meeting Three - 08.08.2019

A great learning session with colleagues and peers where we shared ideas on deliberate acts of teaching (DATs) in classes which was documented and trialed on our measuring tool template.

Self-Efficacy, PLG Session 3

Meeting Two - 27. 06. 2019

A great korero to end the term, with our self-efficacy professional learning group. Today we defined self-efficacy for ourselves with links to relevant literature. We briefly discussed examples of high and low self-efficacy in students and how this links to growth-mindset and the Learning Pit.

We are looking forward to our next networking session to gain new perspectives, and make a difference for our learners. We will be supporting each other through sharing our current practices and deliberate acts of teaching (DAT) that develop self-efficacy, in target students. These ideas will be related to our key reading and we hope to discuss and gain new ideas about the challenges we face in our Kahui Ako.

Self-Efficacy, PLG Session 2.pdf

Meeting One - 30. 05. 2019

Thank you for your contributions at our MKA's first meeting on self-efficacy. We look forward to working alongside you in our professional learning community (PLC) and sharing your expertise in this area throughout the year.

Self-Efficacy, Cluster Meeting 1
Ice-block stick challenge.pdf

Collation of ideas throughout Session 1

What do we know about self-efficacy?

  • Self-belief (in one’s ability to complete a task- present & future)

  • Strengths

  • Weaknesses

  • Learners

  • Background

  • Culture

  • Whanau (families)

  • Confidence

  • Motivation

  • Work ethics

  • Positive mindsets

  • Intrinsic mindsets

  • Relationships & trust

  • Goals in life/ learners

  • Teacher practices

  • Knowing how to become an effective teacher

  • How teachers/ learners might conduct themselves

  • Faith & confidence

  • Goals- knowing what

  • Independent- created independent learners

  • Self-evaluation

  • Judgement

  • Emotions

  • Attitudes

  • Knowing what a task requires and knowing the success criteria/ marking criteria

  • Enhancing learner capacity

  • Being resilient

  • Successfulness

  • Effectiveness

  • Linked to metacognition

  • How we believe in how we can do things

  • Positive/ effective praise

What do we want to know about self-efficacy?

  • How do we measure self-efficacy?

  • How do we instill a positive self-efficacy in our children?

  • How do we instill this value among our students as a lifelong ability?

  • What is the relationship between learner agency and self-efficacy?

  • How do we develop self-efficacy further?

  • How can self-efficacy be raised in any individual?

  • How do kids know that they are successful?

  • How does positive praise contribute to self-efficacy?

  • What does this look like in practice?

  • How can we set a standard to develop self-efficacy?

  • How can we be an effective worker?

  • What do we teach?

  • How does problem solving contribute to self-efficacy?

  • How do we fully understand the concept in learners?

  • Specific ideas for different age groups

Today’s session learning/ takeaways:

  • Persistence builds after 1st attempt. Team work after individual attempt

  • Helpful - self-efficacy helps builds

    • Confidence

    • Success

    • Determination

    • Concentration

    • Motivation

  • Clear idea about the formulation of self-efficacy

  • How independent work and group work affects students self-efficacy