Cluster Meeting 4 - 24.10.2019

We very much look forward to seeing you all again at our Collaborative PLC “Sharing the Learning Journey” on Thursday, November 14th @ Mangere College 3:30pm - 4:30pm.

MKA Cluster Meeting - Ownership Final Session

Thank you to Malae Aloalii and her two wonderful MC student presenters for their insightful demonstration of the impact of Reciprocal Teaching.

Thanks goes to Shalu Aara who presented her impressive online resources which she is currently using with her students. What a great example of how to promote student agency and in particular student ownership in their learning by using innovative teaching styles.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Watkins+Learners+in+the+driving+seat-2.pdf

Cluster Meeting 3 - 12.09.2019

Copy of MKA Cluster Meeting - Ownership Session 3

Thanks to Farzana Ali, Rehana Karim and Lorraine Covenden for presenting in our 3rd PLC today.

We look forward to presentations by Malae Aloalii and Shalu Ara next week. Just a reminder that we will also be discussing about the reading Learners in the Driving Seat by Chris Watkins. See you all on Thursday 24th October at 3.30pm.

Cluster Meeting 2 - 15.08.2019

Copy of MKA Cluster Meeting - Ownership Session 2

Cluster Meeting 1 - 30.05.2019

Copy of MKA Cluster Meeting - Ownership