Motivation and Engagement

Cluster Meeting 5 - 24.10.2019

It was great to end our Professional Learning Community in Motivation and Engagement 2019 with in depth discussions and critical reflections on student voice in the classroom. We loved listening to the different questions and ideas being thrown about in regards to the continuum of student voice, and the impact on learning this has on our students.

We would like to thank those who have attended the PLC this year. We have enjoyed getting to know you and your classrooms and we hope that you have taken away helpful ideas and practices to improve student achievement! See you at the Social Hui on November 15th November at Mangere College!

(w) SESSION 5 - Motivation and Engagement

Cluster Meeting 4 - 05.09.2019

Thank you to all of those who came to our session on Thursday 5th September. There were some fantastic discussions to be had around student choice and voice in the classroom, and it was also exciting to see the different ways that we are currently doing this within our own classes. We were all able to take some new ideas back our schools and we look forward to hearing how these are implemented! Below is a link to our slide set for the day, as well as a link to a reading that was mentioned around student voice and it's importance for our students.

Our next session will be in Week 2 of Term 4.

From Learner Voice to Emerging Leaders.pdf
(w) SESSION 4 - Motivation and Engagement

Cluster Meeting 3 - 08.08.2019

We had another great session focusing on an article by Alison Davies. We were able to talk about different ways teachers are able to meet the intrinsically motivating needs of our students, and created a list of these (which you can see below).

We look forward to seeing you at our next session on the 5th of September!

Motivationally Anchored Instruction
(w) SESSION 3 - Motivation and Engagement

Cluster Meeting 2 - 27.06.2019

Thank you to all of those who attended our second Cluster Meeting on Motivation and Engagement. There were some wonderful discussions had about our target learners and how we can improve motivation and engagement for these learners.

(W) SESSION 2 - Motivation and Engagement

Cluster Meeting 1 - 30.05.2019

Thank you to all of those who attended our first Motivation and Engagement Cluster Meeting. It was great to meet you all and we are excited to begin this journey with you. Here are the slides from our meeting.

Motivation and Engagement (W)